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90-Day RECHARGE Program

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If you are like millions of people locked in a never ending STRESS LOOP, you barely can sleep, don’t have the energy to function at optimum levels and have little to no time for your personal life,YOU ARE ON A PATH TO SELF DESTRUCTION, AND YOU DEFINITELY NEED THE 90-DAY RECHARGE PROGRAM.

Nordine Zouareg

Nordine Zouareg



The Power of Loving Yourself

I have noticed that almost everyone I worked with, including top celebrities, business moguls, politicians, and regular folks, had what I call “a loose wire.” Almost everyone had an issue with self. Almost every one of them tried to fix their “self” issue by listening to someone else telling them what to do rather than listening to their own feelings, their own inner voice, the voice that kept calling for years, the voice that asked them to accept and love the way they looked and felt.

I believe to restore balance in our lives and live better, we must learn how to think better and be willing to reprogram the way we’ve been conditioned to think. Unfortunate events, such as divorce, loss of a job, financial struggles and many other uncontrollable issues can all lead to inner turmoil via extreme stress, lack of sleep and weight gain, not to mention a slew of other potential health issues. One must have faith, seek well-being, acknowledge self-love, seek better and positive environment and ride this wonderful and mysterious journey called life, and even beyond our religious beliefs, we all yearn for health, happiness, and love. I traveled the globe four times and I have yet to find anyone who’s not.




Health is The New Wealth

Owning and possessing things has now taken a backseat to the yearning for balance. Balance is a pursuit shared by celebrities, business magnates, soccer moms and anyone else from all around the world. People understand that to have true success, you must possess peace of mind and stability.

And, is there any greater success or accomplishment than a sharp, refreshed mind in a lean, strong, flexible body? Achieving a quick mind and a healthier body isn’t the only benefit. When you live in a state of balance, you are healthy, happy, and whole. You control the little, nagging problems in your life — things like sleepless nights, exhaustion, added weight or even those daily aches and pains.

During the 90-DAY RECHARGE PROGRAM, I take you through the same steps I teach my clients worldwide to reach higher levels of performance while achieving total balance. That is literally unheard of in the industry. Why? Because most people burn out. I see the same burnout in executives who grind until they literally turn to drugs, alcohol, food, sex or other means to keep going (which they justify as their reward for the long, stressful hours they work).

As the fitness and wellness director at the prestigious and award-winning Miraval Resort and Spa, I discovered that celebrities, athletes, and executives could benefit from understanding the philosophy behind my success as a world-class athlete.

In this program, you will find all the information you need to sustain a higher level of performance and be at the top of your game for many years to come. You will discover an easy and powerful way to do more in less time. You will learn the kinds of foods to eat and the exercise regimen that works to achieve your personal goals.

You can only achieve your goals when you reprogram the subconscious part of your brain. THE 90-DAY RECHARGE PROGRAM shows you how to harness the power of your subconscious to create long-lasting high performance and well-being.

You can use the methods learned during the program to create whatever you want in every aspect of your life. These techniques create the right balance of body, mind, and spirit, which is all anyone needs to banish stress, defeat fear, failure, and bring more optimism and happiness into one’s life.

You will organize your days based on what’s important and impactful at your work and your life. Once you harness the methods I share, you’ll become an inspiration, a positive energy magnet, and you’ll feel peaceful and whole again.




  • For 12 WEEKS you will be directly working with Nordine Zouareg (via teleconferencing), world-renowned celebrity fitness and wellness expert.
  • You’ll have access to the same tools corporate executives; celebrities and business magnates have used to RECHARGE and create BALANCE in their work AND personal lives.
  • Unlimited emails and texting.
  • All-inclusive books and manuals.



This is not a one size fits all program as no two people have the same needs and expectations, so please fill out the form and tell us more about yourself and what you want to achieve within the 90-day RECHARGE program.  We will contact you within twenty-four hours. Thank you!