Client Reviews

Zach Carusona

Lisa Oren

Create Amazing Results

“Nordine is a unique leader in the health and wellness field. He not only teaches and shares how anyone can achieve ultimate health but by sharing his personal story he showcases his personal journey using the same teachings. I highly recommend Nordine to anyone who wants to create amazing personal results.

Gary Barnes

Barnes International

Elevating and Inspiring Experience

“Nordine is dynamic, authentic, and deeply committed to helping bring out the best in those he’s working with; he not only has the tools specific to elevate a person or team, he has an innate sense revealing the untapped aspects of each individual. I highly recommend working with him.

Nicole Baker

Thank God I Attended

“When my partner planned this trip for our C-Level team, I was skeptical and did not want to go; I thought it would be one of those kitschy “trust your partner will catch you when you fall backwards with a blindfold on” kind of “bonding” experiences. I am incredibly glad I went because it was not that, but so much more. In 3 days I learned a great deal about myself and team building. Nordine and his program. gave me the tools to better deal with all of the stress that life’s challenges bring and to improve every aspect of my life. Thank you Nordine!

Barry Kellman

Exactly What I Was Looking For!

“Avtar gave me the motivation and knowledge to kickstart my wellness program; resulting in an improvement in all facets of my life!”

Thomas Massalone

No Gimmicks, Just the Real Deal!

“During a short week with Nordine, I learned that commitment and experience rather than gimmicks and shortcuts will yield big and long-lasting results. Thank you for everything Nordine, It was well worth the money.

Peter Glynn


“Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous! Nordine is by far the best coach I’ve ever worked with. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Peggy Wallach

Very Professional and Knowledgeable

“Nordine is a true and caring professional who knows his stuff! I recommend his services hands down!”

Lisa H.

Thank You!

“Nordine was just the person I needed, warm, friendly, kind, knowledgeable and extremely intuitive. I am grateful to have been able to work with him as his wisdom and expertise are life-changing.

Lynn S.

An Experience Worth Learning and Living

“During a period of 2 weeks Nordine has taught me how to blend nutrition, eating habits and fitness into a comprehensive life changing experience. As a physician I have taken care of my patients but for the first time I understand myself. Nordine has shown me how to change my habits into a healthy environment. If you are ready, this wonderful teacher can change your life and if you are not ready he can motivate you to be successful.

Allan Abramson


Be The Best! Work With The Best!

“Nordine is the real deal. He worked with me to prepare for the most physically demanding undertaking in my life. I was successful in that undertaking. After a life-changing injury, Nordine was there again to help bring me back to where I wanted to be, healthy. I went from a wheelchair to running again. I recommend Nordine. In fact, I sent my wife to him when she became interested in her fitness and wellness.

Darren W.


Fantastic, Perfect Transformation of Lifestyle

“Nordine, takes fitness much deeper than most, he attacks it from the core, and hence I have made amazing PERMANENT changes in my life, and this time it’s not just been a few pounds lost only to be regained a few months down the line. With Nordine, it’s a total body, mind and soul experience, which has changed my body and my life forever. Thank you, Nordine, every session was treasured. YOU REALLY ARE THE BEST.

Radha P.

Josh Oren

Miraval Reviews

“Taking the time to get away to rejuvenate and recharge is a must for me. Nordine delivers an outstanding program in his 2-Day wellness and fitness retreat. I recommend it to anyone committed to their health and well being.”

Mitti Liebersohn

President & Managing Director, Avison Young America

Mind Blowing Results

“Nordine changed my life. Period. Not only has he led me to transform my physical and mental health, but the rate at which it happened was nothing short of miraculous. If you follow Nordine’s programs and expertise, you will reach your goal!

Heather Rinehimer

Amazing Experience

“Amazing experience!!! Great tools for not only my professional life but my personal life as well. i highly recommend this to anyone regardless of professional status!!!

Joseph Ondrush

Outstanding Program

“I attended Nordine’s Executive InnerFitness Rejuvenating Retreat. The weekend was outstanding. I have applied his teachings to my life and feel more balanced and have kept my weight off after more than nine months. I’ve recommended it to others and had him speak at my event. Nordine was the highlight for my guests.

Tonja Waring

He Sees You as Whole Being

“Training with Nordine is a spiritual and important experience. Your body, mind, and spirit are a huge part of wellness. Thank you so much, Nordine!”

Chantal Tourigny


“Your awesome spirit and energy you give to those who work with you is absolutely amazing! Wow! I’ll shall remember you!”

Adair J.

Very Powerful!!!

“I am not sure if you are aware how much of an impact your words and support will have on my daughter Jen for the rest of her life. I believe that when the student is ready, the teacher shows up. Well, she was definitely ready and you were just wonderful with her. A defining moment in time, I am sure. You delivered your message clearly yet with compassion and understanding. Her experience with you, your enormous generosity touched me, as I know it it forever changed my daughter. Thank you for recognizing how special this your woman is and for helping her see it as well. We will both carry your spirit and energy with us from this day forth.

Carole K.

Very Inspirational!

“Thank you for your insights and inspiration. I know what to do now to get my life back on track.”

Albert M.

Avtar is A True Inspiration

“Nordine truly inspires to bring changes in one’s existence. Reading his story gave me hope of a better life and sparked the desire to change. His methods are not just physical but they are spiritual in nature and help us find harmony both in our hearts and our bodies. I have never known anyone like him. The fact that he is available to work with us on Skype is just wonderful since most of us don’t live in Arizona. I appreciate him taking the time to sit with me and go over my worries. He quickly brings me back to Earth when I wander away into worries and negativity. Nordine is a very positive person and his enthusiasm is highly contagious. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. If you haven’t read his book “Mind Over Body”, I suggest you run and grab it. He will make you reflect on your life and not only will this change your health, but it will work its way into every aspect of your life. He truly is a blessing. Thank you for everything Nordine.

Mariane B.

I Am So Grateful I Used Your Services

“I wanted to send you a letter thanking you for the exceptional work you performed and the tremendous results received by members of my family. Asking you to bring your “mindful” approach to a healthy lifestyle to Texas was the best investment I have made. Opening my family up to experience this patently exceptional mindful approach has changed our family in literally life changing ways. Will has shed over forty pounds and has kept the weight off for over a year. His wife, Diana, after having her third child, is back on your program, eating properly and is looking fantastic – as good as when she was modeling. Ben, as you know, has completely quit his consumption of alcohol (which was becoming a problem) and has turned 180 degrees from a seriously unhealthy and stressful lifestyle. Likewise, his wife, Rebecca remains focused on her healthy lifestyle objectives and also looks and feels fantastic. Thank you so much, Nordine.

John O.

“When we feel off balance, many of us reach for unhealthy behaviors as ways to alleviate or suppress our hunger for life.”

– Nordine Zouareg