Miraval's Create Your Optimum State of InnerFitness® Retreat

Are you feeling stressed, overworked, tired and out of shape? Do you wish you had more time to do what you know you should be doing?

You’re not alone.

It’s estimated that over 75% of US Corporate Executives are locked in a self-destructive pattern of overworking and neglecting their health, fitness, and families. You might be in complete denial, or you might want to change, but don’t know how.  Perhaps, you’ve already tried.

Join Avtar Zouareg for your individually tailored, Rejuvenating InnerFitness® Retreat in one of America’s most relaxing and healing mountain ranges of the Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona.   


“It’s not just about taking a week off to decompress or lose weight.   It’s about learning life-changing strategies for sustainable wellness focused on balance, productivity and InnerFitness®.”  – Avtar Zouareg, 2-time Mr. Universe Champion



Health is the New Wealth for Corporate Executives and Entrepreneurs.

Your unique Executive InnerFitness® Retreat is crafted specifically for you by Avtar, who understands all too well the perils of high-performance.  As a 2X Mr. Universe, he competed and traveled globally for over 20 years.  He was at the forefront of the revolutionary mind, body, heart connection and is bestselling author of Mind Over Body.  He has trained countless celebrities and executives in famous spas and resorts throughout the world. You will quickly understand why Avtar has chosen the Sonoran Desert as it provides the perfect climate and backdrop for self-awareness, relaxation and reprogramming chaos into mindfulness.


Wellness is not just about diet and exercise.  In fact, most exercise programs today add more stress than benefit.  The fitness industry continues to fail by creating more and more programs, products and equipment that address only a small portion of the equation. There are four times more so-called “revolutionary” fitness programs now than we had fifty years ago. So, why has the obesity pandemic quadrupled?

Unfortunately there are more OVERWEIGHT, OVERWORKED and OVERSTRESSED people in America than any other country in the world.  Almost 3 out of 5 Americans are suffering from chronic stress, anxiety and depression.

At this specialized retreat specifically designed for high-performance, Type-A personalities, the total focus is on you, what you want to achieve and how to fulfill your goals and aspirations without burning yourself out or sacrificing your well-being or your family time.

A breakthrough in behavior change.

As humans, we tend to subconsciously respond or react to our lives based on our beliefs instead of consciously creating it based on what we are feeling in the moment.

Behavior change starts in the mind. The Executive InnerFitness® Retreat helps you develop the mindset necessary to navigate the difficult path of changing your lifestyle for the better. Avtar asks compelling and relevant questions in a way that leads you to confront your truths and decide to take action.

  1. Improve your overall physical well-being and reduce your risk for life-threatening illness and disease.
  2. Discover and engage in your own motivation.
  3. Achieve goals without burning yourself out or sacrificing your well-being..
  4. Increase your ability to focus on what is important.
  5. Improve your relationships at work and at home
  6. Reduce or eliminate your need for unhealthy substitutes (caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, sleeping medications, etc.)
  7. Make better decisions from a place of clarity and power.
  8. Increase more in less time with proven productivity training.
  9. Gain confidence and inspire others.


You will receive:

Comprehensive Wellness & Fitness Assessments

Using state of the art software and hardware, a complete fitness and wellness evaluation is performed, including medical and lifestyle history, body composition, flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular testing. A comprehensive and individualized exercise program will be designed based on your results and will be available for you to take home at end of your retreat.


Individualized nutrition and exercise plans that you will continue when you return home.

A 90 day comprehensive and personalized nutrition and exercise plans are designed specifically to address the needs, goals and limitations of each individual.


Daily Workout Sessions

This is a non-intimidating and non-threatening one-on-one or one-on-two exercise session. Avtar will teach you specific exercises in order for you to learn proper form and technique. A customized exercise routine will be specifically designed for you to incorporate into your daily life. The sessions will include stretching for flexibility, strength training for strength and body shaping, cardiovascular training for endurance and heart health.


Daily Wellness Coaching

This is a one on one daily session. You will be working directly with Avtar and will be addressing mental and emotional barriers causing you to feel and look unfit. Sessions throughout the weekend will emphasize stress reduction, mindful choice making, creative visualization and life balancing methods



Comprehensive discussions on techniques, methods and different approaches pertinent to your desired goals, including, but not limited to nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes, etc. Reading materials will be provided at appropriate times during the event.


Daily Spa Treatments (Massage)

There will no complete rejuvenation without nurturing your body and mind without a massage or any of the spa treatments available at each of the resorts. A daily spa treatment is included in your package.



You will find delicious and healthy food choices at each of the resorts. All meals and snacks are included in your package. 


30-Days Executive InnerFitness® Online Coaching with Avtar

It takes about 30 days to retrain the brain and 90 days to cement the new habits and make a behavior change permanent. In addition, we recommend that our participants sign up for an optional 12- week “telephone / Skype” wellness coaching, follow-up program immediately after the weekend retreat. Thirty of those days are already included in your package .

Are you ready to make a change?

If you are like thousands of high-performing people, you are probably dealing with high stress situations daily and are in need of a quick, rejuvenating and refreshing life-changing experience.

Executive InnerFitness® Retreats give you the unique opportunity to get away from the office and bring your life more fully into balance. Here you will open the door into the room of self-awareness and self-acceptance. You will learn the practice of listening to your life with a receptive heart, so that you can see and correct any imbalance.

Traditionally referred to as “mindfulness,” this practice is a powerful way to promote optimum health and enjoy your life to the fullest. The benefits of bringing your life into balance will last well beyond your retreat.

Hosted by Avtar, internationally recognized High Performance Coach, the program is blended and crafted based from his years of working with celebrities and business professionals in famous spas and resorts throughout the world.

The Southern Arizona Sonoran Desert is one of America’s most naturally healing environments. You’ll quickly understand why Avtar chose Tucson to make your experience that much more productive and meaningful. You will leave with the tools you need to keep your life at a higher state of harmony.

We understand that everyone arrives with different goals and expectations at different times in their lives. That is why we specifically design your unique program to honor your choices, knowing you will appreciate the moment you’re in and increase your awareness of what is important and vital to living your life in balance.

This retreat is for 1 or 2 people. Three-day and 5-day Executive InnerFitness® Rejuvenation Retreats are available at the Hilton El Conquistador in Tucson, Arizona.

Corporate Retreats are also available for groups of 8 to 30 participants.

(The retreat can also be organized anywhere in the world.)