When I was a professional athlete, competing and working out was always a priority. Today, like the rest of us, I have 28 million other things to think about, which means that I need to make exercising as convenient as possible. So I joined a gym close to home, and being able to drive, run or bike there has proven effective in keeping me on a consistent schedule, regardless of the weather. For added motivation, I always keep a clean set of workout clothes in my car so I can head to the gym or the local park on a whim -if you don’t go home first, you won’t find excuses to stay home. I also keep a stash of fitness gadgets in my closet, including a medicine ball, workout bands and a stability ball. These tools allow me to work my entire body and, because they’re so different from what I do at the gym, I look forward to using them again. Plus, most of these items travel well, which allows me to work out when I’m on the road.

Because of the issues of time and travels were big concerns for myself and many of my clients, I created a perfect, holistic workout called the TotalBodyWork when I was the Fitness & Wellness Director at Miraval Resort, an award-winning resort spa. The 45 minutes workout includes, power meditation, Kundalini yoga exercises, upper and lower body exercises, fun cardio-kicks, full body stretches and relaxation technique, all in one short workout.

All you need is a medicine ball (between 4 to 10 lbs), a yoga mat, a Bodybar (anywhere between 2 to 8 lbs if you are a female and 6 to 15 lbs if you are a male), a pair of hand-weights (between 1 to 5 lbs if you are a female and 7 to 12 lbs if you are a male).  The workout is very effective and will leave you rejuvenated in body, mind and spirit.

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