“Love is happy when it’s able to give something. The ego is happy when it’s able to take something. – Osho

Ego is not love, although it likes to pose as love, it’s not. That brings me to the following understanding; if you love yourself, you shouldn’t be abusing your body.

Fear could be the reason for that mindset. When you are in fear mode, you are not in a love mode.  And if you’re not in a love state of being, you don’t love yourself.

Is Ego to Blame?

Next time you stumble into this rather confusing state, consider that perhaps your mindset is the real cause of your predicament. Before you even think of blaming others or your life situation, take a step back and listen to your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You’ll soon discover that emotions are physical manifestations of your feelings and feelings result from your thinking process, all conspiring to either make you feel good or bad.

Now let’s say you are in the mood for pizza and you’re thinking about ordering one.  Your brain fires up neurotransmitters that will trigger all kinds of memories attached to that thought – it’s not the food you’re thinking about that makes you fat or unhealthy, it’s the thought connected to the food that freaks you out and makes you want to order it so bad. If you order a pizza, you’ll feel “happy,” but if you order a salad your inner computer (your brain) will reject the idea and will make you feel anxious and frustrated. That’s because you’ve been programmed to connect pizza and happiness (for me it was when I was 4) . Your software needs an update to a more current version – one that reflects your current life situation.

Getting In Touch with Your Thoughts

Soon after I left Miraval Life In Balance, based on over three decades of personal experience and the experiences of thousands of my clients, I created InnerFitness®. This exceptional system gives you the ability to get in touch with your thoughts, feelings and emotions.  InnerFitnness® allows you to develop greater awareness of what you need and helps you channel your anxiety, anger and frustration. You can connect to a more loving environment that helps you make better choices, which makes a huge difference between success and failure.

InnerFitness® helps you connect to a “happy you” (your inner reality). You’ll switch to a love state of being where the commitment to take care of yourself is second nature.

Most people are programmed to self-sabotage; they remain in the same rut and same unhappy self for years or even for a lifetime. They suffer; they lock themselves in a comfort zone where reality is no longer available. They are in prison, which they built in their own mind. They make excuses (stress, family, work, financial issues, etc…), they rationalize (rationa-lies), they are irresponsible, they are afraid.  Trust me, you don’t want to remain locked-up! So next time despite difficulties, discomfort, inconvenience, or unknown physiological triggers, and you’re thinking of buying that bag of chips or ordering that burger, fries and soda, ask yourself if what you are thinking of doing is an act of love for yourself or a self destructive pattern triggered by your anxious and fearful self. Do the exact opposite of what your “ego” wants you to do, instead of ordering a pizza, order or make yourself a delicious salad. Commit and connect to a positive and loving mindset, an InnerFitness® mindset.

“Love yourself to wellness or fear yourself to illness; it’s your choice. A choice you make everyday multiple times.”

Here is an affirmation for you: “Today I choose love over fear. I am mindful of what I feed my body and mind.”