I have noticed that almost everyone I worked with, including top celebrities, business moguls, politicians and regular folks, had what I call “a loose wire.” Almost everyone had an issue with self. Almost every one of them tried to fix their “self” issue by listening to someone else telling them what to do rather than listening to their own feelings, their own inner voice, the voice that kept calling for years, the voice that asked them to accept and love the way they looked and felt.

I believe change stems from the ability to love oneself in order to rebuild the things we may feel are not working in our lives. Unfortunate events, such as divorce, loss of a job, financial struggles and many other uncontrollable issues can all lead to inner conflict via extreme stress, lack of sleep and weight gain, not to mention a slew of other potential health issues. One must have faith, seek wellbeing, acknowledge self-love and ride this wonderful and mysterious journey called life. Health and wellness provide protective shields against life’s everyday challenges.