Nordine Zouareg’s


In The Media


Nordine Zouareg is a fascinating media guest and speaker with numerous international radio and television appearances.  He offers practical solutions on the topic of the overwhelming stress that is prevalent in today’s society, especially for executives.

He is an avid reader and researcher and stays on the cutting edge of current trends, he will share why so many of the health regimes out there today are actually causing more harm and stress than they are preventing.  Even some mind-body modalities such as yoga has turned into a maniacal routine in many gyms, not to mention the hard core, high intensity workouts, that pushes you to exhaustion that can (and has) potential lead to kidney failure and hospitalization.

Nordine is committed to inspiring positive changes in people’s lives, their business and families all over the world. Whether you are a CEO, celebrity, high power government official or everyday person who wants their best years ahead of you, Nordine will give you the revolutionary tools and mindset retraining to achieve ultimate performance in all areas of your life.