As Eckart Tolle tells us in his book The Power of Now, fear resides either in the past or the future; it cannot reside in the present. Real fear is always backed by real facts. A tiger chasing you… you run for your life! False fear is a concern that is not immediately addressed potentially leading to crippling and chronic anxiety. False fear has no real fact and has no legitimate reason to exist other than in your head. You are running from the tiger except there is no tiger. In this episode of Mindfully Get Your Sh*t Together, Nordine gives us tools to identify the difference between real and false fear therefor allowing us to unlock the doors to our mental prison.

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Nordine is an internationally acclaimed high-performance coach and wellness expert, bestselling author of Mind Over Body and Keynote Speaker fluent in English, French and Italian. He developed and led the revolutionary fitness program at Miraval Resort, a world-class destination spa in Tucson, Arizona for 10 years where he conducted over 8,000 individual coaching sessions with celebrities, high-performance athletes and executives.