SitTight Balanced Active Sitting Chair

A new and unique development in office chair design that allows you to strengthen your core muscles, improve your posture and burn more calories as you sit.

Get Fit While You Sit

Recent medical research has concluded that sitting for extended periods is so unhealthy that the term “sitting disease” is being used to describe it.

The SitTight chair is engineered to counter the affects of a sedentary lifestyle, allowing people to turn sitting into an activity that improves their health, by simply using their body’s natural ability to balance.


The SitTight Chair can be used much the same way as an exercise ball when you sit on it with your feet on the floor (Active Sitting), but with one major safety advantage. The SitTight has a tip limiter that only allows you to tilt 15 degrees before it stops your movement. Many companies have banned exercise balls in their offices because of the number of workplace accidents they have caused.

Additionally, when you move your feet from the floor to the footrest platform on a SitTight, you are able to balance on your center of gravity.  Balancing on a SitTight requires you to sit with proper posture and it substantially increases the amount of calories burned verses sitting on an exercise ball.


“I rarely endorse any product or organization but the SitTight Active Sitting Chair is unlike anything I’ve seen and tried so far. If you are looking to transform your sitting into an activity, this is the one chair that will do just that. “
Nordine Zouareg, Former Mr. Universe
International Fitness & Wellness Expert, Author & Speaker