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The Key to Executive InnerFitness®:

Transform Stress into Success

Avtar Nordine Zouareg, bestselling author of Mind Over Body, speaks on some of the largest stages motivating and inspiring corporate audiences and special interest groups to master awareness and physical well-being for sustainable performance based on life in balance. His passion for working with celebrities and executives to transform their stress into success is unheralded.

He should know how.

Born at three months premature in the Sahara Desert, Avtar was not expected to live his first year. His family moved to France to seek medical attention for him. Impoverished, sickly, and an outsider, he suffered not only classmate bullying, but teacher and police brutality as well. At age 19 and a weakly 108 pounds, Avtar met Serge Nubret, a world champion bodybuilder.

Immediately, Avtar was inspired by the determination and discipline Serge exemplified on stage and off. In only four short years, Avtar propelled himself onto the international bodybuilding scene and received the coveted title, Mr. Universe Champion, not only once, but TWICE ! He traveled the world competing personally and training sports teams, high-performing executives and celebrities before settling in Tucson, AZ to raise his family.

Avtar applied his Mind Over Body and InnerFitness® philosophy as the Fitness Director at Miraval Life in Balance Spa and was instrumental in Miraval’s climb to become rated the #1 Spa by Conde Nast Traveler, the #1 destination spa by Travel and Leisure, and the top spa in American by Zagat. Miraval has become the premier destination for bringing people’s lives into balance and teaching them how to live mindfully.

Avtar speaks five languages and is fluent in English, French and Italian.


Most people don't realize the only limit that exists is within themselves. In only a few minutes, Avtar will engage your audience to step out of fear and take a front row seat in life. Hiis proprietary 90/30 Mindset Practice will create a new level of awareness, life balance, and performance that will permeate their business and personal life. Your audience will rave about his presentation.


It is not just a training, it is an experience. Avtar lays out a unique, step-by-step plan for Executive InnerFitness® that shifts your Corporate Culture and adds to your bottom line. He will engage your team in hands-on exercises that immediately shift their awareness and ability to perform at higher levels with less stress. They will leave with a clear direction to balance their business and personal life for sustainable performance with less stress.

Bringing 30 years of experience in personal transformation of body, mind and spirit, Avtar is an enigmatic and profoundly gifted teacher. His ability to engage audiences with relatable stories, in depth information, and profound ‘ah hah’ moments clearly sets him apart from other speakers in his industry. His authority reach through his work with dozens of celebrity clients has uniquely prepared him to offer his wisdom and knowledge on how you may turn your own corporate culture and personal awareness toward Innerfitness®.


Corporate Executive InnerFitness®

Up to 8 Executives

A five-day program designed for your C-level executives.This program will enable your team to create sustainable and long-lasting results by significantly improving their work and personal lives. Choose your location.

Private One-on-One Executive InnerFitness®

Private One-on-One 

When you start to feel the effects of emotional and physical stress, work overload and losing your edge, this private one-on-one coaching session will recharge you and keep you engaged and focused on your tasks and goals.

InnerFitness® Rejuvenation Retreats

3-5 Day Retreats

Executive Retreats available at the Hilton El Conquistador in Tucson, Arizona. If you are like millions of high performing people, you are probably dealing with high stress and as such, are in need of a quick decompressing, rejuvenating, refreshing and life changing experience at the Executive InnerFitness®  Rejuvenation Retreats.

The Ultimate Performance System

InnerFitness is Complete Mind, Body and Heart Fitness

C-level Executives are operating at higher stress levels today than ever before; oftentimes, putting themselves and their families on the brink of physical and emotional disaster. Executive InnerFitness® uncovers the underlying causes of emotional and physical exhaustion and provides effective methods for retraining your InnerFitness® so you can achieve more with less time and enjoy your life at a whole new level.

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What People are Saying about :

Avtar Nordine Zouareg

Shane Melaugh

“His story is powerful, his teachings are amazing.”

“I saw Avtar speak at the Manifesting Mindset Event in Dallas in September 2016. His story is powerful, and his teachings are amazing. He was fun, entertaining and inspired me to create a total InnerFitness awareness for my life. "

Dave Gould
CEO- Creative Director - Essential Wisdom LLC

Shane Melaugh

“Avtar is the real deal.”

" Avtar is the real deal. His message is a powerful blend of humor, pathos, and inspiration that encourages listeners to want total InnerFitness. His gentle aspect,  strength, and humility moves listeners to make a commitment and to embrace change and a healthy life."

Author - Publisher - Manifest Publishing

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