“I use to let anxiety control my life, now it’s just a part of me I can control.” – Nordine Zouareg

There’s an old Native American legend about the white wolf fighting the black wolf. If we equate the white wolf with positive energy and the black wolf with negative energy, which one do you think will win the fight? It’s the one you feed the most—your choice!

My personal experience with anxiety is that the more you feed it (the white wolf), the more powerful it becomes. I define anxiety as a feeling of uneasiness mostly created by one’s over-exaggerated negative thinking pattern. Spiritually though, when we are feeling anxious, it could simply be a sign we’re not doing what we’re supposed to do to fulfill our dreams and goals. It can also be a warning sign that there is an underlined medical issue, but this is often preceded by pain or some kind of symptom, hence, your body’s ability to warn you of potential danger.

Anxiety is often triggered by one’s fear or the unknown. At the moment of the anxious feeling your body is here but your mind elsewhere. Anxiety is like water trying to penetrate a crack in the wall, every time you fix the crack it tries to find another.

The key here is to occupy your mind with mindful and positive thoughts, thoughts like Everything is ok, I am ok! followed by the Anxiety Buster exercise. Do a one-minute deep breathing, a one-minute meditation, a one-minute push-ups, and end the exercise by drinking a glass of water. Occupy every moment of your day doing something that stimulates your mind and keeps it busy; learn a skill you like, develop it until it becomes a passion. Do that and watch how anxiety becomes silent. You need to break the loop of anxious thoughts and create a positive one.  By creating a new and positive loop, you break the anxious loop cycle and start living your life free again.