In today’s society, the need to be more and achieve more by performing at a high-level has become not only the norm but also an obsession. We are constantly pushing ourselves, timing ourselves, and stressing ourselves to do better.  Because of the growth of technology, our lives have become “information-saturated.”  We’re bombarded with distractions such as text messages, pop-up notifications, emails, social media comments, and online videos. We hate it, yet we crave the euphoria of being busy, in demand; it’s an addiction. Unfortunately, we are also distracted.

These distractions are overloading our minds. We walk around with our brain in a fog while we search for our favorite coffee or energy drink and hope for a moment of clarity. We make ourselves push through these constant interferences in our day-to-day living that are hindering our quality of life because we don’t know how to stop it.  In desperation, we add yet another app to our phone hoping this will make things better.  Only it becomes one more thing to do.

What if I told you could change how you work so you can accomplish more in less time, and live a balanced life and have a better quality of life?

While the approach of this book may be counter-intuitive to your perception of time and how you spend it, it will challenge you to invest in a higher level of InnerFitness® to become more productive in less time while reducing the emotional, physical and mental stress of pushing yourself to an elusive goal.

Yes, it’s exciting that we have more opportunities for success than any other time in human history — longevity has increased by five years compared to thirty years ago, and quality of life is at an all-time high thanks to new advances in healthcare and preventive medicine. But, with all these opportunities to do, be and achieve more, being overwhelmed is an unwelcomed guest.

The quality of your life depends on how you feel while performing at work and at home. If you are like most, you have a business life and a personal life. Based on how important they are to you, you’ll dedicate more of your time and energy to one or the other, creating a life imbalanced.

Each of these — work and life — requires a different approach and mental, emotional and physical acuity.  Some activities may drain you more than others, leaving you with little time and energy for the next task at hand. This can turn into frustration, poor performance, and failure.  At its worst, reactivity takes control and inhibits your ability to manage a situation before it becomes a crisis.

Reactivity Vs. Proactivity

When faced with life situations or circumstances we either react and fight back or embrace them and respond with creative energy. This energy can only come from a place of mindfulness (absence of fear).

Life is not about what happens to you but how you deal with what happens to you. Your thoughts trigger your feelings and emotions, which will dictate your actions. Your actions will create your attitude.  Faced with hard choices or difficult situations we either react or are being proactive by responding to them.

Reactive (standing in opposition):

  • You are letting outside circumstances disturb your inner peace.
  • You are attached to the outcome and your behavior is driven by fear.


Proactive (surrendering):

  • You are remaining engaged with the situation at hand but detaching yourself from the outcome.
  • Your behavior is calm and peaceful.